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Inching Towards the Last Few Work Days? How to Cope

If you’ve given notice at work and have an exciting new career – adventure all lined up, you will inevitably have to face those final two weeks at your current job.

Oh, it’s a given that you will show up, and that you will work as diligently and as enthusiastically as you always have, but, during those final days, you’ll almost feel as if you need a blueprint of how to behave—especially if it’s the first time you’re leaving a work place situation.

Interested in the Insurance Field? Here’s What the Jobs Look Like

The Insurance field holds plenty of allure for people who are interested in detailed work and who enjoy being part of a career that is literally “part of everything we do”.

Too, the insurance field is undeniably stable.  Despite recent economic woes, those who either were safely ensconced in, or just starting their careers in, the insurance business had no worries about losing their jobs.

Can You Make a Living as a Hair Stylist?

There are many young people – both gals and guys – who visualize that they will make a decent living by helping their clients to look to be at the top of their game – at least when it comes to the hair on these customers’ heads.

These would-be beauticians go to school to learn the grooming how to’s: how to cut, style and design simple and intricate hair do’s for men and women of all hair types and in all age brackets.

Working After Retirement? What You Need to Know

You’re not the only person who’s wondering if you should continue to work after retirement.  There are plenty of folks who do so…whether for monetary reasons, or because they’re invigorated by the idea of remaining a viable, contributing member of society, and of the economy!

Changing Your Job Focus In An Expanding Climate

You’ve no doubt noticed that the economy is constantly-shifting and ever-evolving.  Jobs which used to be the cornerstones of the industry in, say, communications, customer service, construction and media are being revamped (if not phased out).

New positions and brand-new technology offer fresh and exciting opportunities for you to acquire skill sets you’ve never had to rely on before.

Are You Engaging In Job Search Sabotage?

Yes, dear reader, there are instances in everyone’s  job search where they encounter bumps in the road.  In fact, it may seem as if the road is riddled with obstacles.

If you are frustrated by lack of responses, please consider that there may be something or some THINGS which you are doing to get in your own way.

Choosing Between Two Job Offers? Here’s How To Decide

Wow. Two job offers.

What a terrific “problem” to have, you might be thinking.

When you’re offered a job by two different entities, it must imbue you with a sense of increased self-esteem, and confidence that you’re on the right career track.

Should You Move to Find A Job?

The internet is full of first-person anecdotes of now-settled job seekers who have ventured into big city zones – and back – for the sake of their careers.

In years past, many job seekers with lofty aspirations decided it would be best to move away from their home towns, where the job picture was a bit dismal, to a metropolitan area where the economy was deemed to be brighter.

How to Find a Family-Friendly Job

Are you raising a family? Do you have little ones whom you consider your greatest blessing and your highest responsibility? That’s great!

When looking for a job, you and your spouse – or you, if you are a single parent-are certain to weigh the hours you’d be working against the time you spend at home.   

Twelve Sure-Fire Ways To Snag a Job Interview

You are all set. You’ve put together that award-winning resume or Curriculum Vitae (more about the difference in a minute); you’ve picked out the snazziest suit you can find, dusted off your portfolio, and even splurged for a manicure and hair trim.

Good for you!First impressions count.