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How To Find A Great Job

So you’re looking to be gainfully employed. And not only that: you’d like the position to be local, well-paying, in your field of expertise, and of service to humanity. Got it. Anything else? Oh, yes, you’d like a position of some authority.

It’s perfectly doable.

At some point in their vocation, every ambitious careerist realizes that there’s a job that’s custom-made for them, just waiting to be claimed.  All they need to do is fine-tune their goals; define in their own minds what it is they would dearly love to do…and come up with creative ways in which this can be accomplished.

Think Outside the Box

It won’t always be possible to fulfill your fondest dreams by joining the work rank along mainstream principles.   This is because the really satisfying jobs are an amalgam of the many little things you do well and which make your heart soar.

For instance, have you a desire to use your communications skills to help armchair travelers “see” different parts of the world?  Would you like to then use these same skills to help people decide where to travel, when they wish to venture to do so?

Up to now, you may not have known how to bring all your skills to bear in this market: your speaking ability, your writing skills, your passion for other parts of the world and your in-depth knowledge of every nook and cranny in far-off places.

But try thinking outside the box and see what you come up with!  Ask yourself: which entity would actually want to PAY someone with my skills to provide a service for them?  Then, while your thoughts are germinating, read all you can on the topic or topics which your skills seem to border around; in this case, travel.

Tap Into Community Info

Peruse bulletin boards in your library and in your supermarket.   Skim announcements in community newspapers.  You just might glimpse enough information to develop an idea as to what your “new job title” might be.  For instance, in your searches, you may spot an ad for a travel group. This association may feature speakers who are also tour guides. Well, that ought to set off a light bulb!

You could be a tour guide, and perhaps lend your writing skills to the job, as well, by helping to develop  brochures.

What sort of business would want that sort of ability?  What about a hotel in the center of town? Or you might Google “tours” in your zip code to see which tourist attraction might need your help.

Use Relevant Key Words

When searching job listings, jobs with the keywords: tours; tour guides, or travel might be the ones up your alley.

Now, keep in mind that you won’t always access the sorts of jobs you had in mind, online.  In fact, you might have already tried calling up relevant entries, only to have a whole bunch of jobs pop up that don’t jibe with your interests.  Don’t give up! Apply anyway!

Apply, Apply, Apply!

Our suggestion: apply anyway, and, during the interview, lay out what your skill sets are.  Explain how enthusiastic you are about the communications aspect of the job.

You’re in the right field; and in the ballpark of where you want to be, job-wise. It’s a beginning!

In this way, you AND your interviewer have a chance to decide whether your capabilities tie in with the requirements at hand.

After a few interviews like these, you’ll be a lot closer to a yes.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few other steps to take to help you score that dream job:

When you do go on an interview, don’t forget that first impressions count! You will not be viewed with much interest if you walk in the door wearing the same outfit you wear when you go for a run, or to hang out with friends.

As “cool” as you may think your casual gear is, and as much of a deviation from “your true self” it may seem to suit up, you have got to make an exception and dress to the nines (professionally speaking).

Remember that dressing to impress means that you put forward a neat and tidy appearance – nothing provocative or flashy. Opt for conservative-over- trendy. For either men or women, a jacket and pants is always smart; for women, a skirt with low-heeled pumps will complement that jacket nicely. Additionally, an envelope portfolio bespeaks a person who’s always prepared.

Share Your Ambitions with Friends – Don’t be shy about networking when it comes to employment.  Whether or not you’re a social butterfly, you owe it to your career to tell the world about your job search.

Getting your hair cut?  Tell the stylist you’re job hunting. Stopping by the bank?  Mention you’re looking.  Going to a workshop or lecture?  As you’re shaking hands hello, it only takes a minute to add the following to your greeting: “Hey, I’m looking to do such-and-such.  If you guys ever hear of a fantastic opening.  I’m responsible, well-trained and have experience. Here, take my card!”

You never know when you’ll run into someone who is, indeed, looking for a staffer who can perform your special set of skills!

Practice Answers to Possible Questions – We all know the sorts of questions to expect during an interview. Phone interviews sometimes mirror in-person interviews, and this is one arena where they absolutely do. So, whether you’re interviewing via Skype or in-person, jot down the prepared answers to questions like: “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” and “Tell me one instance of a challenging work assignment when you used your talents to overcome obstacles.”

Now practice speaking those answers out loud.

Enunciate well. Don’t sound too forceful. Do present yourself as a confident, composed applicant by using a tone that’s well-modulated and not weak or strident.

Work On Projecting Positive Vibes – Prepare yourself with empowering self-talk (“I am absolutely qualified for this job.  I am going to walk out having been offered a job.  There’s nothing I can’t handle here.”)

As soon as you walk into the interview room, you want the recruiter to get the idea that you’re the right person for the job.

At the interview’s end, look the recruiter in the eye, grasp their hand firmly, and thank them for their time.  Tell them how much you look forward to hearing from them, and reiterate that you’d be an asset to the company.

Finally, don’t let it get you down if you are not deemed to be the perfect candidate.

After all: how are you going to become a pro at interviewing unless you interview a lot?

All interviews can’t end with a “you’re hired”  Remember:  every no brings you closer to a yes.

Smile.  You can do this.

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