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Jobs Especially Suitable for the Physically Challenged

As many of you know, Helen Keller was, due to her incredible challenges, not expected to accomplish the great things that she did, career-wise.

Still, despite being unable to see or hear, Ms. Keller graduated from an impressive university, wrote numerous books, and made a difference in many people’s lives.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a physical challenge, and you are/that person is determined to make life as “plugged in” as possible, just as Helen Keller did, it might prove beneficial to know which jobs persons with disabilities would most likely qualify for.

Are you thinking that persons with disabilities are not viewed as employee material?   Think again.

It’s well known among recruiters who work with physically challenged individuals that disabled workers can handle many jobs as well, if not better than, most nondisabled persons.

Those who hire the disabled or physically challenged have reported back that the disabled are a most productive, conscientious, loyal and extremely motivating group.

Word of mouth gets around in the HR business.

One prestigious disability group determined that companies that hire persons with disabilities soon discover that the disabled, as a whole, bring a non-traditional point of view to problem solving, which is becoming more and more valuable.

For disabled persons who are looking to join the workforce, we’ll look at a few types of jobs which are good matches, a little further down.

First, here are a few facts which might prove interesting:  the ever-widening Healthcare field is offering access to persons with disabilities in a manner that is head and shoulders above other industries.

Despite tumultuous economic times, the Healthcare arena has continued to flourish, and is expected to continue to do so, with millions of jobs to be created in the next decade.

Additionally, currently, Healthcare is paying rates that are higher than other groups.

Here, then, are several industries which have professed themselves proud to hire those who are challenged or handicapped:

Pharmaceutical sales executive – This position has a median starting salary of just over $56,000. The field is ever-accelerating, jobs-wise.  Basically, as a Pharmaceutical sales rep, you’d inform doctors and their staff about your company’s products, and hand out samples.  Of course, this would entail your visiting doctor’s offices, and hospitals.

Physician’s Assistant – Most PA’s make excellent salaries of over $86,000 per annum.

The opportunities are extensive – and the rate of expected job increase continues to be high.

A PA is supervised by a licensed physician and is said to be practicing medicine.  PA’s compile patients’ histories and perform physical exams. They also develop protocols once an ailment has been diagnosed.  PA’s can also order and read lab tests, among other duties.

Specialist in the Telecommunications Equipment field – This position pulls in just under $55,000 per year and is slated for long-term growth in the years ahead. The job requires extensive training, and it’s notable that groups working with persons with disabilities make it a priority to reach out to and recruit persons with disabilities for training.  (Good news: Large telecom companies are setting their sights on hiring persons with disabilities.)

Analyst in the field of Market Research – Do you enjoy coming up with novel ways in which an up-and-coming business might develop and market its products and services?  Are you internet savvy? Do you have insight into the community—specifically, the disabilities market? Companies the likes of Microsoft are eager to be all-inclusive when it comes to pitching to their audience; along those lines, they realize that persons with disabilities bring a unique perspective to the role.

These positions pay in the area of $60,000 and the forecast for growth is enormous.

Vocational or Jobs Counselors – These spots also depend on the unique perspectives of persons with disabilities to reach out to the disabilities arena.  It sometimes takes an empathetic “been there, done that” guide to prompt another person with disabilities to seek employment.  Of course, vocational counselors who are disabled would be perfectly capable of helping everyone – persons with disabilities, and non-disabled persons—but as a sizeable segment of the population self-identifies as disabled or partially disabled, someone who is, themselves, “disabled”, would be recognized as a particularly valuable jobs counselor.

Managerial Roles (i.e. Management Consultant) – A role in management has not always been as accessible to persons with disabilities as to non-disabled persons.  However, that is changing.  According to spokespeople who work on a regular basis with persons with disabilities, the opportunities are there, with management consultant and related managerial roles increasingly being offered to the disabilities market.

This title pays, on the average, just under $80,000 per year.

Pharmaceutical Technician –  A pharmaceutical technician, unlike a pharmaceutical assistant or aide, works closely with the pharmacist.  She or he enters patient information on the computer; keeps careful records of patient medical data–such as dosage per prescription–and helps the pharmacist dispense medication. Most pharmacists – whether small community ones or those supervising the operations of the pharmaceutical department in a large retail store or medical establishment—will offer on-the-job training that’s informal but tailor-made to the new Pharmaceutical Tech’s day-to-day tasks.

Pharmacists do prefer that a technician be licensed, although there are very few regulations mandating this field at present.

Pharmaceutical technicians earn a little over $28,000.  This field continues to expand.

Auditor/Accountant – If you have an affinity for math and are methodical in your approach to problem-solving, this job might be for you.  Persons with disabilities are being hired by corporations and tax experts. The average per-annum salary is in the area of $62,000.  The rate of general employment growth in this field is not predicted to be enormous, but it, nonetheless, is expected to rise steadily.

All-in-all, don’t let a few physical challenges stymie you or someone you love.  There are plenty of jobs out there.  If you run into a few no’s, it might help to call to mind Helen Keller’s words of advice.  “When one door of happiness closes, another door opens.  But often we are so busy looking at the closed door, that we do not see the one which has opened.”  Go for that door! You’ll be welcomed with open arms!

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