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Jobs For Those Who Like To Travel

Is travelling your passion? Do you often find your thoughts drifting to exotic locales? Have you mapped out all the places in the 50 states which you long to visit?

More important, if the only reason you are not doing some serious travelling in the coming weeks/month/year is that you can’t swing the time off, or that your budget simply can’t stretch to include the expense of travelling to other places, you may be a very viable candidate for a travel career.

Indulge Your Wanderlust

It’s 100% possible to indulge your wanderlust AND get paid, you know.

It’s true.

You can visit the foreign ports you’ve promised yourself that you’d lay eyes on (at least once in your lifetime).  And, right here in the U.S., you’ll have ample opportunity to traverse mountain trails and to gaze up at magnificent waterfalls.


Simply mesh the to-do’s on your bucket list with a job which requires that you move from Point A to Point B and all points beyond as much as possible. In other words, a job that will pay you to do what you love to do.

Why not?  There are quite a few careers for folks who would be thrilled to ratchet up their frequent flyer miles.

Close your eyes and think about it for a moment.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to travel as part of your day-to-day work itinerary?  Believe it or not, those jobs DO exist.

Don’t Worry Ever Again About Vacations Ending!

When you work at a job where travel is a major part of the job description, you don’t ever have to worry about your vacation or holiday coming to an end.  There’s no “end”!

There’s no having to wrench yourself from the excitement of seeing new sights; smelling new sounds and of experiencing new cultures for the purpose of resuming a workload where you spend most days in a cubicle or attending weekly meetings around a conference table.

It doesn’t have to be that drastic a shift ever again.

Now, mind you, there’s nothing wrong with sitting in a cubicle or attending meetings, but some people are more suited to a kinetic lifestyle.

If you’re one of those people, you might consider an industry that revolves around your favorite avocation!

Travel Jobs Aren’t Just In the Airlines

If travel is your passion, you’ve probably already thought of applying for the obvious travel-related jobs—like stewardess or pilot.  However, if those aren’t your cup of tea, read on!  There are plenty more where those two jobs came from!

Which of these travel-related jobs appeal to you?

Buyer in Retail – The retail industry pays its buyers to travel from state to state or even to globe-trot, as part of their job.  Buyers are kept busy attending vendor meetings, conferences and trade shows, as well as scoping out the best deals in merchandise for your company. A retail buyer makes the decisions as to which items the company will put on the market for the coming year. The job also entails being responsible for all of the outlets’ or stores’ inventories.  Who would hire you? Your employer would be a large retailer, most likely. And, yes, you’d jet set with the best of ‘em.

Coordinator of Events – If you like crafting all aspects of a major festival or event, you’ll find the job of coordinator of events to be right up your alley.  Whether you’re putting together a music festival or a mammoth trade show involving participants from all parts of the country or world, this job will prove fulfilling for you.   You’d be dealing with vendors face-to-face (which would involve your travelling to see them) and would supervise all aspects of the event — from initial set-up to après-show break down, which means you’d have to be at the actual physical location. (This job is advertising for candidates pretty heavily right now; with the right skill sets, you stand a good chance of landing a spot.)

Tour Guide – If you like the idea of introducing groups of tourists to anything from a plaza in Spain to a villa in Prague or are eager to teach visitors about the ins and outs of a magnificent  U.S. wildlife preserve, why not consider being paid to entertain AND educate, as a travel tour guide?  These jobs will hire you if you have good teaching skills and are up on the regional history.  This is a fabulous career for you if you’ve learned all there is to know about a certain region that also happens to be a popular tourist attraction.  Don’t forget to include your avid interest in/knowledge of the area, on your resume!  Being well-versed in the local language (if the job’s not in the U.S.) will also earn you brownie points.

Photographer of Destination Weddings – Unlike a photographer who stays home to visually document one of the most momentous days of a couple’s life, as a photographer of weddings in out-of-the-way places, you’d be at the beck and call of your clients…where-ever the couple opts to have the wedding, that’s where you’ll show up.  Keep in mind, however, that chances are that the wedding party will take place in a sumptuously gorgeous location…anything from a sunny Mediterranean country house to a stunning, isolated beach in Key Largo.  Your expenses are all paid, and you’ll have plenty of time to record every lovely nook and cranny…and to take time for some decidedly enjoyable R and R!

Auditor – Strange as it sounds, being an auditor will afford you plenty of time to explore every new stop-off point.  Why?  Each auditing assignment takes a few weeks, and you can’t be at the office pouring through books ALL of the time!

Other jobs with travel as their middle name include:  English teachers in a foreign country, temporary/ travelling nurses, archeologists, consultants, cruise ship personnel, field service engineers, international aid workers, athletic recruiters and, yes, the old stand-by for folks who dream of travelling for a living:  pilots, stewards and stewardesses.

Now that you know that there are, indeed, jobs which would require, as part of their job description, a lot of traveling, weigh your options!  You may not want to switch jobs immediately, and you may even consider taking one of these gigs on a part-time basis, but at least you’re aware that working in a field where you’d be guaranteed to travel a large part of the time is not just a pipe dream.

Pure bliss, eh? We thought you’d say so!

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