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Signs That You Should Switch Jobs

Are you ready for a career change? Does your current job just not do it for you, anymore? Or are you not at all sure if you should stay or if you should go?

You may be able to arrive at a decision when you decide which of these three categories fits you the best.

Category One: You’re Honestly Not 100% Ready to Move On

Perhaps you’re conflicted about whether or not to leave your place of employment.

You haven’t started to look elsewhere and Job listings and advertisements don’t always catch your eye. In the back of your mind, you’ve got a to-do project:  “someday” you’ll freshen your resume and start looking in earnest.   But, for now, you just can’t bring yourself to think about how you might do that.

You’re only mildly interested in the careers and jobs of your pals and acquaintances; you sprinkle your conversations with a few questions here and there about what their day is like and about how much money they stand to make in five or ten years.

You tell yourself you’re amassing information for the future.

For now, ‘though, for the most part, you’re OK with where you are.  You don’t see the need to take the bull by the horns and confront the issues that are bothering you – simply because they’re not bothersome enough.

Does that about sum up where you are in your chosen career path?

If so, you may not be ready for a job or career change.  However, there may still be a few things you can do to jazz up your workdays.  Read on!

Staying?  Connect…Get Involved

If you’re relatively satisfied with the way things are, and yet sometimes feel that something’s missing, why don’t you try asking your supervisor to switch up your assignments? What you need is to be faced with a bit of a challenge again.

Is the problem one of being a trifle disconnected from your workmates?  Are you uncertain if your input contributes to something important?

Sounds like you need to feel useful again. Here are a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling:

Put up a mailer in the Employee Lunch Room asking your co-workers if they’d like any mentoring with any aspect of your job that you’ve mastered.

Start a group (with your employer’s permission) that brings together people with common interests, and announce a picnic day for this group at a nearby park.

Ask your boss if she or he’d be amenable to your offering suggestions for improving the efficiency and “enjoyability factor” of your work site. Then meet with them once a week to offer up your ideas.  Important:  be first in line to offer to spearhead the changes.

There are a myriad of other ways that you can help yourself to feel more fulfilled and stretch your creative muscles.  The sky (or, more accurately, the glass ceiling’s) the limit.

As long as you’re staying at your current place of employment, you can harness your energies in the direction of valuable new input.

Category Two: You’re Not Excited About Your Job

If, however, you are totally fed up and ready to move on – if you feel empty and unfulfilled every single day – you need to do something about getting yourself unstuck.

Brush off that CV or resume, get your best suit ready; buff your shoes; invest in a good quality hair trim and select an envelope portfolio to take with you on interviews.

It’s no longer the ol’ “should I stay or should I go, now?” song and dance.

Your mission: to engage in serious job hunting.

To do so, you will need to:

  • Check out job listings;
  • Pick up local papers and peruse the Help Wanted section;
  • Talk to your contacts; and
  • Network…put out the word.
  • Start looking, and do not give up until you find work that is more of a fit – that utilizes your skills and inherent talents, and that allows you to feel that you’re making a difference.

Category Three: You’re Somewhere in the Middle

If it’s not so cut-and-dry for you…if you feel you might be straddling the fence because you honestly don’t know if it’s NORMAL to feel the way you feel about work, then answering the following four questions might give you a quick and easy solution to your problems.

Questions – Find Out Which Side You’re On

Think carefully and honestly before answering these questions.  Your job happiness depends on your being able to respond truthfully. Ready?  Here goes:

  1. Do you feel that, despite a salary that might be the envy of at least some friends, you can’t justify the feeling of “there must be something more than this” that you feel as you gaze outside your office window, wanderlust filling your heart?  Do you feel a certain emptiness that no amounts of chats with friendly co-workers or pats on the back from management can assuage?
  2. On days when you are engaged in the most creative aspect of your job, do you still feel as if your creative nature is not even being tapped? Do your tasks not seem to call upon any skill that brings you pleasure, and does it often feels very much as if your true talent is being frittered away?
  3. Are you often sick? Are you are usually on the verge of a cold?  Do your colds easily turn into something more serious?  Is your immune system pretty much shot?  Are you in a chronic state of exhaustion and fatigue, but can’t figure out why?  Do doctor bills pile up as your list of illnesses gets longer and longer?
  4. Is it an uphill battle performing your tasks and routines because your heart isn’t in the details? Despite your best intentions, are you not able to dig up any interest in, nor concern about, the services or products that you work on, make presentations on or represent? Do you slip up on figures and data because you find it hard to stay motivated, and are your projects always lackluster?

If You Answered Mostly Yes

Three or four “yes” answers mean it’s definitely time to look for greener pastures.  we’d venture to say that you need to get away, and not just for a vacation.

If you’re not feeling fulfilled and the sense of dissatisfaction isn’t ameliorated by any quick fixes; if your favorite past-time or avocation doesn’t dislodge the feeling that something’s wrong, and you don’t look forward to going to work… please do something about it.

Your happiness…your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being… depends on it. It’s time to come to grips with that fact.

If You Answered Mostly No

If you mostly answered“no”, there’s no hurry and, in fact, you may be thoroughly enjoying your job. You have good days and bad days, like everybody else, but, on the whole, you feel you’re just where you should be at this point in your life. Wunderbar!

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