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Unusual Benefits That Employees Love

Who Says Salary Is A Company’s Only Draw?

Top employers seem to have figured out that a nifty benefits package will make for productive and contented employees. And, guess what? They’re right!

Salary isn’t the only prerequisite for long-term loyalty by staff. A well-rounded compensation package sells the job every time. Why? It becomes obvious to the employee that the company has a culture that cares about its people – that is flexible and  accessible…and sees the employee as more than just a cog in the wheel.

And now some well-known companies are in the spotlight for giving their employee extraordinary perks which really hit the spot.

Corporate Culture That’s Pro-Employee

It all comes down to a flexible corporate culture.  Unusual benefits bespeak an “I’m open to new ideas and I’m empathetic to what you might need” mentality.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

If you had your ‘druthers, wouldn’t you want a boss that’s that accessible and flexible—the kind you can corner  for an impromptu five-minute meeting that provides direction and clarity, and makes the rest of your day go smoothly?

Chances are that, if the company culture encourages an open-office policy, as mentioned above, they’re likely to provide an overall environment for a well-rounded employee.

In survey after survey, employees rank those companies the best companies to work for.

Companies that promote give-and-take will have listened extensively to feedback from employees as to what makes for a productive and enjoyable work life.

Perks That Say “We Value Our Employees”

What would make your workday REALLY stupendous?  Aside from a tailor-made work schedule and assignments that fit like a glove, that is.  Why, perks that you can actually use.

We’re sure that you’ve got your own list of benefits which you’d love to see incorporated into your own workplace.

Take a moment to check out the types of benefits some of these “Best of…” firms have got on tap for their people.

Company:  Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts – Benefits: Free rooms, plus deeply discounted food and reduced add-on nights. –

This chain isn’t just offering its employees a carbon copy of what other large hotel and motel conglomerates provide.  No. It’s taking an avantgarde approach, being the first of its kind to offer this benefit – and the result is that the morale of their employees is boosted sky-high.

As mentioned, it’s extremely unusual in the business to allow employees to stay in ritziest of rooms for free (or any rooms, for that matter), but Four Seasons not only pampers their employees with these free stays at the most luxurious hotels of their choice, and in the most glamorous of rooms, but it also serves its staff all the food they would like at half off the regular price.

Unfortunately, the stay isn’t unlimited (we think the hotel would feel the financial pinch if that were the case); the freebie correlates with the employee’s tenure at the company, however, so the nights add up.

For six months to a year of employment, the allowance is up to three free nights. If the employee has worked at Four Seasons for more than 10 years, they are entitled to 20 full nights!

On top of that, if the employee has a hankering to stay on longer, it’s not a budget-breaker!  A discount is often worked out in such cases.

Company:  Schweitzer Engineering – Benefits:  Educational bonuses.

Employees at Schweitzer Engineering know that the first paycheck of every month contains a little something extra – $80.00, to be exact — to spend as seen fit in any educational capacity.

It’s entirely up to the employee whether the money goes towards paying off existing student loans; a course in new software or a bookload of textbooks — – as long as the product or service teaches them something new.  It’s all about self-improvement.

A few staffers have put the money towards learning a foreign language or towards becoming acquainted with First Responder Training in a wilderness setting.

This company obviously puts its money where its mouth is when they express their wish to see their employees better themselves.

Company: Google – Benefits:  Eyebrow shaping and hair trimming; wall climbing room.

This internet giant is well-known for providing plenteous perks for its employees.  Two in particular promote personal grooming: the eyebrow shaping from onsite beauticians. The company sets up a real spa-like environment  for such activities. The eyebrow shaping is offered at a sizeable discount and, in the Mountain View, California Google headquarters, fashionable on-site haircuts are also part of the “benes”.

Too, all employees have access to a climbing wall on the Google “campus”, for when their workday has them feeling a bit stressed and feeling like…well, you know.

Company: SAS Institute – Benefits:  In-depth Leadership and Energy for Performance course.

This concept was created to enable key players in management to channel their energy and to bring it to every arena of their life.  The training is offered over a 90 day period and has participants totally revamping lifestyle choices. Some employees manage to lose those stubborn 20 pounds; others to simply add vibrancy to their approach to the workplace…and to every other area of their life.

One thing’s for sure: the 90-day training is effective.  It has its graduates inspiring others to not only lead with charismatic energy, as they do, but to truly live a healthier, more dynamic life.  “Whatever you’ve got, I want it,” is a common phrase that graduates of the course hear.

Company: Wegman’s – Benefits: Work- Scholarship and in-house training program.

Wegman’s  stresses that happy employees are the basis for their many happy customers.  Along those lines, one of their most popular benefits is the company’s mentoring and employment training project, which helps keep young hirees on a positive, productive track by connecting with local high school students who might otherwise not have the ability to find work or to go to college.

And the training continues onsite.  This “Best of…” company offers “merchant in training” slots for qualified individuals who are interested in crossing over from an entry-level position in their food retail establishment. For instance, a youth who has been offered a job through its work-scholarship program may wish to learn the company’s corporate ins-and-outs.  With this training program, they can.

Company: – Benefits:  Off-Site Employee-Participation Events.

This web innovator has once-a-month activities which provide their employees with a head-clearing physical activity meant to get the staffer out of the workplace…and into the great outdoors… during work hours.  A few of their events have included white water rafting, trapeze classes, courses in competitive cooking artistry and panning for gold.

Do these unique perks from award-winning fimrs give you ideas?  Great!  Why not take the ones you find most appealing to your company’s HR/ management team?   You never know…your firm might adopt one or two of these unusual benefits. If it turns out to be a success, your company could be a contender for “Best of….” in its own right.

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