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Want To Know What The Most Fulfilling Jobs Are?

We’ve all been so very thrilled to get work during lean times that we aren’t about to rate the job on a scale of 1 to 10, satisfaction-wise. If it gets food on the table, we tell ourselves, we’re fulfilled.

However, during calmer times when we can lean back and take in more of a panoramic view of circumstances, we’re a bit more philosophical in our work searches; we tend to lean more towards jobs which strike a chord.  

“It’s About Contribution”

“It’s not about money!” I heard a pal say recently when someone was commenting on what a good job he’d done.  This man designs “green” back yards that don’t leave a carbon footprint; his niche might be termed natural landscaping.  “It’s about contribution; about leaving something after I’m gone.”

Along those lines, several surveys on the topic of the jobs that leave workers most fulfilled have been taken recently.  Answers varied in each survey, but, overall, the consensus was that joy-filled jobs indeed had little to do with huge amounts of money.

One survey prepared by an independent writer polled workers across the nation about how happy they were with their chosen careers.  Workers of all stripes were asked to fess up about their level of satisfaction with the tasks at hand, when at their jobs.   The answers might surprise you!

The Happiest Jobs of All

While there were no specific titles or categories that could be pegged as the most fulfilling in this survey, it was found that ANY job that included, either as a requisite of the job title, or as an incidental to the job responsibilities, AT LEAST seven hours of socializing, won the title Happy Job, hands down.

Mirroring the one-on-one aspect of this finding, earlier research compiled by the University of Chicago demonstrated that the most satisfying jobs involved some aspect of being of service: anything regarding teaching or caring for or protecting another person fell into this category.

Equally as important, the research demonstrated that a job having a decidedly creative bent contributed to the happiness quota.

A few of the jobs that were mentioned in the study were:


Physical therapist;


Educational administrators; and


Job Site Users Weigh In

Thus far, we’ve seen that jobs which are unique in their creative contribution or which consist of service-oriented endeavors win top honors.

Now let’s look at a systematic, large-scale survey taken by an online job site, of thousands of respondents who used the internet to help them track down jobs.   This particular segment of job seekers, all employed, ranked their current places of employment according to the following categories:

How they got along with, and received support from, their superiors;

the support of their co-workers;

the remunerations they were receiving;

possibilities for internal growth (i.e., any glass ceiling?);

how their job tasks were meted out, and what they did on a day-to-day basis;

and, finally, the company culture.

Based on the answers to the above questions, it was determined that the following jobs were the highest/most positively ranked, in all categories:

Research Assistant – This job is actually performed on a temporary basis, for the most part, in an educational or research environment.  Despite the fact that the job does not have a projected long-term tenure, and that it is remarkably low-paying–when compared with the other job titles on the list– this was one of the highest-ranked titles.

Database Administrators (Oracle) – DBA’s, as these specialists are known, utilize their administrator skills to coordinate and “house” data for companies. The data may include customer and financial information.  The main thrusts of the assignments focus on assuring that the data is secure and can be accessed only by authorized users. In this case, an Oracle database server contains the information that is managed.

It is evident that DBA’s feel that their work is important; that they receive adequate support and that the companies that hire them have win/win cultures.

Loan Officer – It may seem contradictory for  respondents to indicate that they find satisfaction in their jobs when they also mention sometimes impossibly long hours, but, in actuality, Loan Officers feel that they are a crucial cog in the wheel of progress. Overall, people in this position sense that they are appreciated for their efforts, and that they make a difference.

Loan Officers work closely with their clients and feel great satisfaction at being able to help loan applicants fulfill their dreams (usually of home ownership, or of starting a business).

Head or Executive Chef –  The pace is hectic and the competition fierce, but once this position has been attained, it is the pinnacle of success for those who love creating meals from scratch (using their own recipes) with a well-synchronized team of fellow food aficionados—all of whom relish sharing their creations!

Website Developer – This job seems to combine the best of two diverse worlds:  extreme high-tech and  free-flowing artistry.   A Website Developer helps clients bring their vision to fruition –often engaging in the dynamic act of co-developing the intricacies and creativity of a brand new site.

Automation Engineer – Once this highly-skilled specialist finds their ideal position within private industry (usually in the food or car industries), they set their sights on designing and implementing the mechanical, functional aspects of manufacturing and processing machinery.  Oftentimes, their jobs include testing the machinery they’ve developed.

Systems Developer – It was a genuine surprise (and a boost to IT specialists) to see so many IT jobs surface as affording genuine satisfaction, in work situations that were deemed highly motivating.

Systems Developers was one such position. In essence, this position entails the production and installation of entire office systems or networks. Additionally, these workers are responsible for originating OS, or operating software – the “nucleus” software that handles hardware and software, as well as memory resources and other processes.

School Principal – This position has to juggle many seemingly disparate parts: parents, teachers, students and ever-shifting regulations. Despite this, principals find their job extremely rewarding – especially when their efforts result in beneficial changes for their community’s educational system.

Add Your Job to the List

Whether your own job or category was listed in the list of the most fulfilling jobs, you can do much to bring job satisfaction to your position by striving to incorporate the two traits most highlighted by satisfied workers: a layer of creativity and a touch of service.  There’s no way you can NOT make your job unique and important by viewing your tasks through the lens of a “can do” attitude.

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